Jacaranda FM: "Can soaring cannabis shares stay high?"

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Jacaranda FM: "Can soaring cannabis shares stay high?"

Excerpt from Jacaranda FM quoting DataTrek Research:

….. “The flood of activity comes as Canada is set to legalize cannabis on October 17 after both houses of Parliament voted to make the drug available for recreational use.

That move has been seen as a potential prelude to further legalization in the United States, where recreational use of marijuana is only permitted in a handful of states. Medical marijuana is allowed in 29 states.

A bill backed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could formally permit the sale of CBD products, but the current legal status of the products is a “little murky,” DataTrek Research said in a note.

“Bottom line, CBD is a very important market opportunity for companies like Coca-Cola, where their existing offerings show little growth and consumer preferences continue to shift,” the research firm said”….

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