MarketWatch: "An unusual 2020 forecast: an ‘existential test’?"

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MarketWatch: "An unusual 2020 forecast: an ‘existential test’?"

Excerpt from MarketWatch quoting DataTrek Research:

…. “Another year, another raft of analyst predictions for the year ahead, but one suggestion, just released from research firm DataTrek, stands out, and raises some intriguing questions about what investors might expect — or be surprised by.

“The European Central Bank has a new chief in Christine Lagarde,” the DataTrek analysts wrote. “While not superstitious, we do give credence to the idea that freshly installed central bank heads see an existential test in their first year or two.”

That’s because there’s precedent, they note: “Greenspan had 1987’s market crash, Bernanke’s first 24 months included 2007, Draghi started in 2011’s Greek debt crisis, etc.”

To be sure, “an existential test” is not DataTrek’s base case”….

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