Trade The Trader: Taleb Vs Niederhoffer

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Trade The Trader: Taleb Vs Niederhoffer

Excerpt from Zero Hedge’s re-post of a recent report by DataTrek co-founder Nick Colas:

….. “Today we resurrect a classic article on trading and investing and discuss what lessons it offers for getting through the current equity market volatility. All of us have deep-seated biases that inform how we set up portfolios and deal with rough patches. Success can often come down with aligning your personality to your positions.

Trade the trader” is an old Wall Street saying and never more appropriate than right now. It means that different people perform better in different markets. Only the greats have the mental flexibility to profit in all seasons. The rest of us need the self-awareness to know when the times suit us, and when they don’t.

We’ve been chatting about a legendary example of “personality investing” with friends over the last few days: Malcolm Gladwell’s 2002 New Yorker magazine profile of Nassim Taleb and Vic Niederhoffer. We’ve attached a link at the end of this section, but we will simplify the piece to give you a quick summary of each man and what we think it means”….

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