Yahoo Finance: "The airline recovery is looking K-shaped"

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Yahoo Finance: "The airline recovery is looking K-shaped"

Excerpt from Yahoo Finance quoting DataTrek co-founder Jessica Rabe:

…. “In a note published Tuesday, DataTrek’s Jessica Rabe dove into some of the data on airlines. In the airline industry, supply and demand move ticket prices in an almost instantaneous fashion because of the algorithmic nature of pricing, which makes for a very public dataset to look at supply and demand. To find out demand for Thanksgiving flights, for example, you just need to go through the motions of booking a flight. If they’re cheap, that tells you something about the demand — especially when coupled with Google searches….

….So when it comes to travel plans, people are still adopting a wait-and-see attitude, which could mean a bunch of growth or just fewer plans. Because of this, Rabe says airline stocks got ahead of themselves “as investors misjudged the speed of reopening.”

“Additionally, many Americans remain routinized into staying close to home,” she wrote. “Our other work using Google Trends shows Americans continue to spruce up their residences/backyards and increasingly go out to nearby restaurants and take local trips”….

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